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Bad Shock Absorber Symptoms

 TIME:2021-09-02 18:08:44 

Bumpy ride

Worn out shocks can make your car’s springs bounce up and down more than what is considered normal. The result is a rougher-than-usual ride when driving over bumps.

Unusual noises

Shocks that are loose or have worn mounting bushings can create a clunking or banging noise while going over bumps.

Fluids leaks

One reason why the fluid depletes from inside your shocks is due to a leak. A hydraulic fluid leak can happen to any shock absorber and should never go ignored.

Fluid can easily be seen running down the sides of the shock absorber’s shell casing.

Irregular tire wear

You might be wondering what bad shocks have to do with your tires. Your car has shocks to control your wheels from bouncing due to the springs’ reaction from bumps. Faulty dampers cause the tire to bounce off of the ground harder.

As a result, the tire often develops high and low spots in the tread, known as cupping.

Reduced handling and braking ability

Bad shocks may cause your car to tip more to one side or the other when turning. Plus, the front of the vehicle may dip down in the front or rear. Any of these scenarios can negatively affect your car’s handling and braking characteristics.