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Types of Shock Absorbers

 TIME:2021-08-11 18:40:59 

1. Hydraulic Type Shock Absorber

Hydraulic type shock absorbers are now used on all passenger cars. They increase resistance to the spring action by forcing a fluid through check valves and small holes.

2. Double Acting Shock Absorber

Double-acting shock absorbers offer resistance both during compression and rebound of the springs.

3. Single Acting Shock Absorber

Single acting shock absorber offers resistance only on the rebound.

4. Friction Type Shock Absorber

The friction type shock absorbers have almost become obsolete due to their non-predictable damping characteristics.

5. Lever Type Shock Absorber

The lever-type shock absorber is of indirect-acting type. It is bolted to the chassis through a lever and link. As the axle moves up and down, a double piston arrangement forces the oil through a valve.

6. Telescopic Type Shock Absorber

Telescopic type shock absorber is of direct-acting type. It is mounted between the axle and the frame.