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How to tell if there is a problem with the car shock absorber? Driver: Just learn these two tricks

 TIME:2020-05-25 09:27:32 

The shock absorber of the car is an important part of the car itself. The purpose is to reduce the pressure rebound shock of the car itself. It will affect the comfort of the car itself and the safety of the car itself. There is a certain relationship between the shock absorber above the car. Are working at all times, as long as our car is moving, then the shock absorber must be working. The shock absorber of the car itself has a long life. You will see the shock absorber and the shock absorber formed near the shock absorber of the car. The purpose of a pair of shock absorbers is to absorb vibration. Because the vehicle must produce a certain amount of energy during driving, this energy is mainly absorbed by the spring. When the spring absorbs, it will also cause a certain rebound. This time, shock absorption is required. To reduce the shock caused by the spring.

When the vehicle's shock absorber fails, the energy generated by the vehicle during the driving process is absorbed by the spring. At this time, there is no shock absorber to reduce the buffer, which will cause a certain impact on the vehicle. I don't feel comfortable.

If you find that the vibration of the vehicle is very large while driving, check if your shock absorber has any problem Touch the shock absorber shell to see if there is heat. If the shock absorber has no heat, it means that there is no internal resistance, and the shock absorber will not work. This is by adding a certain amount of lubricating oil. Warn once. If it appears, heat means Normal, if still not, it means the shock absorber has failed and needs to be replaced.

The second method is that when the car is in the suspension state, we can press a corner of the car to make the car hurt. It is only lifted while the reporter is descending. If the vehicle appears, continue to bounce up and down, which means shock absorption Problem. If the vehicle quickly stabilizes during the descent, the shock absorber is intact. The editor believes that the life of the general shock absorber is about 80,000 kilometers. Each vehicle itself has 4 shock absorbers. If there is one side of the shock absorber The other three shock absorbers will be damaged. When the vehicle has shock absorber problems, all 4 must be checked. If necessary, according to personal economic conditions, 4 shock absorbers can be replaced, because safety is the first priority.