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What are the preliminary inspection items for the use of barrel shock absorbers?

 TIME:2020-05-25 09:26:10 

The cylinder shock absorber is a kind of shock absorber gas that many vehicles will use. It has a good shock absorption effect. We all know that it is impossible for a car to drive on a very stable road all the time, and a car to drive on a bumpy road. Not only will it affect the normal driving of the vehicle, it will also bring a bad driving experience to the driver.

    If the car shock absorber can normally play its role when the car is driving on a bumpy road, then the degree of bumps can be greatly reduced, and people will feel more comfortable.

So what kind of inspection do you need to do before using the shock absorber?

You can drive at low speed and then brake hard. If you find that the car vibrates greatly and the human body feels uncomfortable, there is a problem with the shock absorber. Press the bumper hard and release. If the car appears 2-3 jumps, the shock absorber is working properly


Remove the shock absorber to make it stand upright, clamp the lower connecting ring on the vise, and then pull the damping rod several times. If the resistance is unstable or no resistance, it may be due to the lack of oil inside the shock absorber or damage to the valve components. Repair or replace parts.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the cylinder shock absorber. If you want to learn more about the shock absorber, you can continue to pay attention to our company's website, or contact us, our staff will do professional work Introduction.

What are the preliminary inspection items for the use of barrel shock absorbers?(图1)