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Does the damage of the barrel shock absorber have a great impact on the car?

 TIME:2020-05-25 09:24:42 

I don't know if you found such a problem. When the car we ride encountered bumpy road conditions, the car was doing some violent shaking in time, but the people sitting in the car didn't feel so big. Why is this? The cylinder shock absorber manufacturers tell you that the performance of this shock absorber is inseparable.

  The main function of the shock absorber is to absorb shock, that is, to provide people with a comfortable ride experience. When the shock absorber fails, it also has a great impact on the car. The shock absorber factory reminds you as follows:

When oil leakage occurs in the shock absorber, the damping effect will be reduced during the driving of the vehicle. Until the hydraulic oil leaks, the car will have no shock absorption, and the unilateral shock leakage oil will make the body high and low, causing the vehicle to drift. failure.

When the top rubber of the shock absorber ages and falls off, the vehicle shakes up and down. The shock absorber factory reminds the shock absorber that it will directly collide with other components to make an abnormal noise and may further damage other parts. The fatigue softening of the shock absorber spring will quickly lead to oil leakage of the shock absorber.

Shock Absorber Factory reminds you that when there is a problem with the shock absorber, it must be repaired as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary losses.

Cylinder shock absorber manufacturers remind you that you must not ignore the important role of shock absorbers. Shock absorbers not only affect the comfort of the car, but also cannot be underestimated for safety.