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How does the cylinder type shock absorber absorb shock and realize the shock absorption effect?

 TIME:2020-05-25 09:24:10 

The purpose of using the barrel type shock absorber is to make the car reduce bumps during driving, make passengers more comfortable during riding, and also play a certain role in protecting the vehicle. So how exactly does the cylinder type shock absorber absorb the vibration generated during driving to achieve the shock absorption effect?

Cylinder shock absorber system consists of spring and shock absorber. The shock absorber is not used to support the weight of the car body, but to suppress the vibration when the spring rebounds after the shock absorption and absorb the energy of the road impact. The spring plays a role in reducing the impact, turning "large energy one impact" into "small energy multiple impact", and the shock absorber gradually reduces "small energy multiple impact".

If the damper of the car you are driving fails, the car will bounce after each pothole and undulation. The damper is used to suppress this rebound. Without the barrel shock absorber, the spring rebound cannot be controlled. When the car encounters uneven roads, it will rebound severely. When cornering, the spring will swing up and down, causing tire grip and tracking failure.

Cylinder type shock absorber may be an inconspicuous accessory for cars, but its rated function is not small at all, everyone must not ignore it.